Competence Based Membership for UK Engineers

The UK Branch of Engineering New Zealand currently does not conduct interactive competence assessments.

Chartered Membership

UK based engineers who wish to become a Chartered Member (CMEngNZ) of Engineering New Zealand should complete and submit their application online.

Applications will be handled by the Engineering New Zealand National Office in NZ.

All interactive assessments will be conducted via video conferencing with NZ based assessors.

CPEng Registration

UK based candidates applying for CPEng Registration will need to demonstrate a level of competence for practice in NZ.

This implies familiarity with NZ regulations and standards in the candidate’s area of competence.

CPEng applicants who have recently left NZ may meet the local knowledge requirements.

However this knowledge will most likely become out of date after they have been in the UK for any length of time and therefore may not be sufficient to meet the level required for obtaining CPEng.

Chartered Members (CMEngNZ) returning to NZ from the UK are able to apply for CPEng via a Continued Registration Assessment once they have been working in their field of competence for a sufficient period in NZ and can demonstrate competence.

It is also recognised that some candidates are working in the UK using international standards that are also applicable to working in NZ. It is possible for UK based candidates to be accepted for CPEng if they can adequately demonstrate recent competence using such standards.


UK based candidates for CMEngNZ must be a member of Engineering New Zealand and apply through their 'My Membership' account on the Engineering New Zealand website.

Temporary access to My Membership is only available to NZ resident candidates applying for CPEng.

The completed application will be received by the National Office and will be managed via email and/or your My Membership account.

All fees need to be paid to National Office in NZ dollars when the application is submitted.

What is available for Graduate Engineers?

Emerging Professionals working overseas in an engineering role can be supported by the UK Branch of Engineering New Zealand as they strive towards achieving Chartered Membership.

The UK Branch holds free Graduates Evenings in London each year, subject to demand.

Further Information

The above information is a summary only.

If you are thinking about Chartered Membership you should have a look at the National Office Website for more details.

Enquiries specific to UK based members and/or to register your interest in attending a Graduates Evening may be addressed to the UK Branch Professional Development Coordinator at

Other UK Branch contact details are available on the Contacts page of this website.